"What a lucky man I was"

Of the several justice league movies in which Superman dies, this is my favorite, mainly because of his emotional state when he dies. His last words before he dies are "what a lucky man I was."

Those are some pretty amazing last words to have. Only the most content person in the world can have such words as his last thought.

Most of us, when we die, will be thinking something like "What will happen to X after I'm gone." That's because we spend our whole lives thinking about that X (only you can know what your X is).

If, instead, we spend more our life thinking about how lucky we are, we're more likely to get the same feeling of contentment on our deathbeds.

Think about it. You can't be chasing something your whole life and expect that you'll be feeling content by the time you die.

If you are not content with your life today, you will not be content with your life tomorrow.